Thursday, November 24, 2011

It is a fine day, a windy one. My favorite kind of a day. But, I have to study for Media Laws and Ethics.

Yes. It is sir Ron Gagalac yet again. (Unfortunately or Fortunately as he said in his e-mail). We really don't have much of a problem with sir Ron alone, but the kind of teaching and studying involved in his class would make you want to enrol his subject only in a semester (exaggerating here sir! hehe)
Anyhow, I don't really complain much about this hardcore subject and these piling up requirements.. 

  • 400 hours of On-The-Job Training (OJT) 
  • Weekly film review blog posts for our Film Criticism class (check it out here (CLICK!) we actually need an audience to comment on our reviews. Help? haha) 
  • Film analysis, book reviews, presentations, thesis.. 

And more work to come in this 2nd semester because after all it's my last semester!

Woaah. I still can't feel it though, but thinking it is really my LAST semester come the ideas of, freedom, where to go next?, what to do next? and are you sure you're going to finish all the requirements for you to graduate? Ugh..

Excitement, Thrill, Nervous, Scared, Puzzled..

A lot of things!

You know what they say about when you're about to reach the top/finish line or the victory of some sort? It would be the hardest when you're already near at your goal. So, I embrace this.

And, one thing's for sure, I have to start all the work to finish something! Now off to my hand outs..

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