Saturday, December 17, 2011

OJT hunt last October 25

It's all about the experience that you get and what you learn from it. I'm happy that we spent that whole day roaming around Makati, Quezon city and Alabang for more than 10 companies. I'm grateful that we experienced rejection at the most gentle way. I'm thrilled that we felt our shoulders, back and feet hurt after doing a lot of walking in a city we are not so familiar with.
I'm thankful that it was hot and rained at the same time that day. It was a unique day. It gave us a journey that could be coined as 'once in a lifetime'.At the end of the day and years from now we would all look back and watch a lot of things that happened in our lives, and I'm sure it would not be a boring scene to see with all these tries we did. This day too made me realize how much of the pain that walk-in applicants do. I imagined those who even apply for non-degree jobs, it would be much worse.
And now, the three of us got in at RSVP FILM studios.

Karen, Tin and Me!

Though, I can't divulge much information about what we do and how we are doing in our internship there. What I could just say is, our sweat and pain felt paid off pretty well. ;)

Me! in one of the cameras in the office.

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