Sunday, December 4, 2011

Animosity under one roof.

It's going to put me into insanity! It's just days before Christmas and there are still a lot of quarreling, misunderstanding and.. just sadness.

Maybe, because we are not ready to be left alone in a vast field. And maybe we feel lost and don't know how to drive this thing. We have not been briefed. We were not ready. But, there's always a first time. Yes. And sometimes, you need not to be trained before doing something. As for us, we are going to learn our lessons along with the experience itself.

We are going to get the hang of this soon. I know. And we should. I will and I should remain positive. I would always have to do what is right and compromise to a lot of things, even how hard it is. 

There is a light after a long and tiring journey inside a tunnel. There is love and that is what would keep us strong. Thank you, Lord.

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