Thursday, January 26, 2012

"I want you to know that, you are okay" - Boy Abunda

I celebrate my uniquness!!! :)

That is one point that Boy Abunda talked about yesterday which I really appreciate and touched my heart. (I was really teary-eyed yesterday)

His words went like these, I want you to know that whoever or however you are, that YOU ARE OKAY.

It was because, he said, he understands us (students) because of the latter part of his life. During his college days where he felt so different and insecure by everyone. He came from Samar province and studied in Ateneo where the culture was so different from what he grew up with (from his way of talking to his things). He shared that all of his stuff where being sent from Samar to Manila. There was this instance that on his way to school, what he was wearing was similar to the bus' conductor's clothes. He recalled that it was one of the saddest moments of his life.

And that time, he wanted to hear from someone an affirmation that despite of how different he was and how awful he thinks his situation was, he wanted someone to say to him that HE IS OKAY. That, he should not blend with the others as long as he is on the good side of things.

Good thing I captured part of it:

It was just his introduction to the talk proper (Branding the stars). It was about how stars get their titles (e.g. Megastar, Multimedia star etc.) in other words, their brands. Whereas, he said, the most important thing is instilling your true core as an artist or as person too, your uniqueness.

Anyway, his introduction were the words I really needed to hear these past few days (just feeling a little lost in this big world). I realized that just now, while doing this blog. Thank you Tito Boy Abunda, you never fail to inspire me. (A big fan over here)

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