Monday, July 11, 2011

Nestle Philippines Kasambuhay Habambuhay short films.

Last night the 10 short films in celebration of Nestle's 100 years were shown in ABS-CBN.
The 10 short films are:
  • Isang tasang pangarap
  • Downtown
  • Oh! Pa Ra Sa Ta U Wa Yeah!
  • Silup
  • Unplugged
  • Sali Salita
  • The Howl and the Fussyket
  • Cooking Mo, Cooking Ko
  • Tingala sa baba
  • Sign Seeker

    Basically, all the short films featured Nestle products. In the isang tasang pangarap and Downtown they had Nescafe. Oh! Pa Ra Sa Ta U Wa Yeah! which I thought was an extended T.V.C of Nestea. Silup -- Bearbrand in can, Unplugged -- Milo (note: it took me quite a while to remember what was the product. ha ha), Sali Salita -- Nido, The Howl and the Fussyket -- Bearbrand also, Cooking Mo Cooking ko -- Maggi Magic sarap, Tingala sa baba -- Coco crunch & Drumstick and Sign Seeker -- Fitnesse cereal and strawberry yogurt.

    That sounded like an advertisement for Nestle, though I just wanted to be accurate somehow with the information :)

    Anyways, I made this blog to share the three films I liked among the 10.

    • The Sign Seeker

    First, I would say that I could be accused of being biased because John Lloyd's the artist and we (me and my sister) really adore him for being a dramatic actor and comedian at the same time. Though, I thought about it and I guess even if John Lloyd's not the main character in this film, it would still pass as one of my favorites. :) The film was not draggy (as to how I felt about the others, considering it was only 10 minutes), I like the thought of having signs :) and it was overall entertaining on how they executed the storytelling of the film. Though, the ending was a bit lacking for me, unless they are considering of having a continuation of the films (I don't have any news about that yet.)

    •  Unplugged
    I'm so in love with the location that this film was shot at!!! :D So much!! ha ha I love the trees, how laid back it looked and it's just nature at its best. :) I would love to go there. *went researching.. went over the film again. Credits..* Oh my! it's at "Hacienda Luisita (Rocky Lopa)" I'm not sure if anybody could just go there. Or if you're an independent film maker with a low budget (like us, students :P). I hope I could experience how "breathtaking" it is. :)
    Anyway, the film's story was also nice. I almost felt a little sad when the film was going to end because I thought it was going to have a sad ending but it ended with a humor. At the start of the film, the grandfather imposed his rule that they should all be unplugged from their "Manila life", meaning no cellphones, computers and ipods. Then it ended with him, updating his twitter account with a setting that you won't expect having a computer and an internet connection. :P

    • Tingala Sa Baba
    Two words: Cute and Touching.
    It was about the two boys having a dispute over a see-saw. The fat rich boy wants to experience how to be at the top, so he gives the poor skinny boy foods with the belief that the skinny one would be heavier to bring him to the top. Yes it is a shallow problem for the two boys but it represents the two faces of our countrymen. The impoverished and the rich. At some point I saw a metaphor: the wealthy ones who uses the grassroots levels to further their reign at the top. Though, the approach went to being fair between the two them. The ending was just touching for me, *slow-motion with an inspiring background music.* ha ha Just watch it!

    So there, I love this anthology of Nestle. Even if it has a commercial intent with it, the films have their production staff who put their hearts in it. Thumbs up!

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