Sunday, July 31, 2011


Damn. What a fascination!

I would remind myself starting now to always look at the sky when it's 6:30 in the evening already and on wards, as long as the sky's showing its irresistible beauty (whenever it's possible to go outside or just through the window)

So as I'm writing this, I'm beside my window looking out at the sky. It's so beautiful. So magical to look at. The clouds are bluish while it is being accented with a pinkish glow from its back. Then, it leads its way to the sinking glow of orange-y and pinkish light of the sun.

It actually reminds me of Aladdin's sky. The Disney's cartoon's all blurry to but I do remember how the play of colors were with the clouds as they ride the magic carpet. See? Magic carpet?! With its magical sky?! haha nerve mind that.

But really, seeing this sky makes me think that there is a magical place out there. Surrounded with those fluffy clouds. I can't help but think of this fantasy, just really fascinated with the sky.

These photos are taken from my 2 megapixels Corby phone. haha So the pictures do not really have a good quality. I just really want to capture that moment. I really wished that time that I had a better camera to somehow capture the beauty. Ooohhh. 'til next time my purrty SKY!

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