Sunday, August 7, 2011

This blog..

It's destined (I believe) ;) . 

I just read Bianca Gonzales'  blog about its 8th anniversary this September. So, her blog, being one of my inspirations to actually pursue my own blog, I would want to celebrate my blog's milestones also (ha ha). 

So I looked at my blog's profile to know when I exactly created this blog. It was last June!!! :) I'm happy because it is my birth month. I did not even signed in here on blogger in June intentionally.

So, I would like to put it as a sign that I should really pursue this blog even if sometimes laziness gets in the way of blogging here (even if I really do want to have a successful blog). It's about the will power. Like what they say, if you want something, work hard for it. It won't come to you the easy way always. :) 

Yay! So, I say.. this blog would be awesome!! More years to come please. :D

Post Scriptum:

I just remembered, "Randomness of Kulasa" -- this was basically inspired by my late lola. She used to call me, "Kulasa". If I remember it right, It was because I was a maarte and baliw-like child years ago that's why she calls me, "oy Kulasa" (I never get to ask her why "Kulasa" though :() But, what I clearly remember, she has served me and my sister as a second mother. I believe that if not because of her I would not be the way I am today. And, that's why I chose this name for my blog to keep what every thing that my lola has taught me. To instill it all through my life. This is a reminder to me to be "good" than be "bad". And most of all, to be myself always. What is in my heart. And its all coming back now to me. My real self that I could share to every people I meet. I love you lola! I know you're happy watching over us! :) I miss you.

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