Friday, August 19, 2011

My pink net case

Okay. Let me tell you one of the many things I do with the attitude I have about, "If I thought of a thing at a certain moment and decided that I want it, I'm going to get it, exactly "it". It's because I really do not want to disappoint myself (Who wants that, anyway?). 

But, sometimes I settle for a lesser one just because I can't wait to have one. Like, wanting a converse rubber shoes with a certain style in mind but the design you want has a higher price and the money you saved can't make up to it. So, you end up settling for a design that does not fit exactly what you wanted. Just because YOU CAN'T WAIT.

Well, this certain experience proved me how rewarding it is to learn how to wait and work even harder for what you exactly wanted and not settling for anything lesser because you know you can still have a better one.

Yes. I am an addict with pink. Even if I sometimes deny that its my favorite color, just because I feel it's too kikay. (I feel the discrimination right there :P). Anyway, I think I will love the color pink all the way. (ha ha)

So, with the love I have for pink. I searched for this pink net case for two weeks. I was tempted to buy a brown one, an orange and maybe the yellow one also. But, you know, you will have that feeling of not being contented wholly, when I think about how I would feel after I bought it. So, I told myself to wait and not give up in my search for the pink one. (ha ha you realize how serious and deep this search I did? xP)

And, at last! When the vendor showed me a rack with a pink one. My heart was really smiling! (It would be really weird if I would put on a big smile during that time, so I did not) I composed myself and texted my friend immediately about it. And said something like, "Do not, settle for anything lesser than what you want." She said, I was truly an inspiration. (ha ha who else would praise each other right? friends! xP)

Sometimes, in those simple experiences, you'll find great lessons too that would help you throughout life. Introspection.

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