Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pure Love/49 days: Yi Soo & Yi Kyung

I want to share how in love and fascinated I am with the love story of Yi Soo and Yi Kyung and how it was presented. :"> Though, it has a sad ending, it was still nice. :) Not the usual thing. I just wish that they had a longer part in the series. Or maybe, they should have a separate series but still the same love story. But, as my sister said (a Korean show addict :P), Korean pair ups do not happen more than once. It means, it's not like here in the Philippines where a certain "love team" could pile up hundreds of projects together. Not going to happen there in Korea. :(

But, I guess they have their advantages with it. Like, It helps in making the artist flexible with different partners or leaving an epic project and an epic team up with just one great shot.

This video comprised almost all their scenes together within the series, along with the OPM song they always play with it, "Gisingin ang Puso" by Liezel Garcia (very catchy). I just love how romantic Yi Soo (Scheduler, Jake Song) looked at Yi Kyung (Isabelle Song). *sigh* *_* He looked so sincere when he was crying.

I guess, i like their story because of how bittersweet it is.

Their love story was short but a great one! :">

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