Tuesday, November 8, 2011

M.J. ♥

"M.J. taught me that." - Mirror by Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars.

I did not really read/watched a lot of stuff about Michael Jackson (M.J.) I just saw and heard what the local networks had to offer and those were not a lot and enough.

And maybe most of the news who were able to reach local people whom do not really dig up information and watch foreign shows were twisted and sensationalized, like me as a child in those times.

I remember one news that struck me and affected me was about the children that M.J.  allegedly harassed in his Neverland farm. I can still remember how I got disgusted about M.J.'s disposition and as an individual. That's the first thing I remember when I try to think what were the news I saw way back as a child. It had the most impact aside of course from his death and wake.

But, you know what? Whenever I would watch his performances when the T.V. networks would premiere his concerts, I would still be in awe. He is brilliant. And for a while, I thought of him as not human because of how he performs. I was even mystified by his skin and face.

And then, last 2009 he died. I cried when I heard about it. We were not even personally close and was not an avid fan either. But, his death affected me. I figured, maybe because he was (and still) such a big artist. And his music has a power to touch everyone's heart.

So, his rehearsals for his upcoming concert was released ("This is it"). I realized, I love him. Here's a quote from my post about M.J. in my old blog (www.shenshitif.wordpress.com):
"He literally touched my heart whenever he would say, “I love you.”.. “God Bless” to the staff, in between their rehearsals. He has that inert respect and appreciation for the people, but at the same time instructing the people how to be exact on what he imagines a certain part of the production would be. I admire him whenever a does a different thing and he would instruct him/her and say afterwards, with a smile and his typical soft voice, “That’s why we rehearse”. Making them feel fine and not to be intimidated with their mistake."
(Here's the whole post: CLICK)

I felt how geuine he is towards every people and to his performances. And, media formed an impression about him that was not worth of him.

And that quote from Lil Wayne's song struck me yesterday when I heard it from the radio.

I mean, everyone was touched by M.J., the magic he has. I really appreciate how every artists were/are influenced by him from Justin Bieber to Lil Wayne. It just shows how much love he had shared and he is receiving up to this day.

I honestly, can't literally stop myself from saying, "I love you Michael Jackson!" whenever I would hear his songs. :">


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