Saturday, March 10, 2012

An open letter for him

Hi! :)
Alam mo ba? Napanaginipan kita. :) And it felt so real. Tss. Yes. Maybe, this is the second time that I dreamt about someone and something felt so real. The first time? Nothing really happened. I started with an admiration and ended it after a while. No conversations at all. But I talked to you already, right? That sets the difference. Dang. I wanted to ask you a lot of things that night. I wanted to know more about you, but forces won’t let me. I wish to see and talk to you again, but I don’t know if that would ever happen. No worries (there is), I’ve experienced several situations like this one, I’ll get over this in time. But, of course I have to go through feeling this. Darn. I just wish that you would know that you’re interesting for me, mysterious, a gentleman and I really see the goodness in you, if you have no pretensions at all. I appreciate you. Infatuation I guess? I just really had to write this down and publish it here. Thank you. Bye?

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