Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pretty Much Dead Already.

It could be a spoiler for some, if you haven't watched The Walking Dead's season 2 Mid-season Finale. ;)
This episode of The Walking Dead made me tear up when I saw Sophia came out from the barn. :( It was because I really had that little light of hope inside me that they were still going to find her. It was like I did not entertain the fact that she is going to be a "walker".

This episode could be the saddest and the one that really touched me, well considering that it's not really a drama series. ;) Ugh. TWD's excellent at surprising on what could be the next thing that would happen. Though, some of the latest episodes now are a bit plain and are concentrating more on conversations and their personal conflicts. I'm excited on what's going to happen on its finale! haha
I'm currently watching episode 11, season 3 come fast!

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