Saturday, April 14, 2012

Random Angel: post # 1

This should serve as a proof as how random I am and why I came up with the "randomness" word for my blog's title. Once in a while I would have a blog post about a couple of things that I want to share which seem to be random and could be treated as insignificant. ;) Anyway, I would still share it 'cause this is my blog site. ;) but, I believe no matter how small some of these things are I would always have that touch of empathy towards different people. I always have that urge that I want the people to learn and somehow be inspired from the things I'm sharing here in my blog. :)

Iphone notepad

My sister gave me this notepad because she knows I've been so obsessed about having an Iphone ;) Dang. I really want one and now that I just graduated college (2 days ago) I'm really itching to get a job and save for this one. But, not solely just to feed my luxuries in life but of course to finally start early in life. I feel that if I delay myself from getting a job and my new life after college, I would lose the hype and motivation already. Besides, I got nothing to do anyway. I also think being able to land a job would even motivate more to get going with my plans in my life.

I have always like the idea of making a scrapbook and be creative about it, though I've not been successful from doing it, just all plans. This time I want to finish this, no matter how many weeks or months ;) I just thought about it this morning and I got really excited. I imagine printing a lot of pictures and writing narration in every ups and downs I've been to through my 16 years of being a student. Whew.. Those are a whole lot of years.

My Facebook

I'm liking my Facebook look right now, from my cover photo and my profile picture. I saw that wallpaper photo from Writer's Digest and I immediately thought of making it as my cover photo.  The message it suggests rings true for a lot of people and also for me. It should serve as a reminder that people should start an action and not just all about words and promises. It could be for a person behind a popular account online who says a lot but in real life, could be a bum. Or for a person who always have been the one to criticize people around him but himself does not have anything to prove or a sore loser.

This could mean a lot if explained by different perspectives. I believe this goes out to every one of us, Filipinos. This is cliche already but we're still not learning so here it goes. We should stop talking rather, let's work on our own selves first. Let us be responsible for our lives and work hard to make it better before blaming others for our own mishaps. And before you know it, we are one improving nation that's on top already.


I discovered this through my friend's post in Facebook. I checked it out and downloaded the free trial, it costs for about 2ooo+ peso or 40 USD. I haven't explored every features of the program but, this screen shot is basically its work space. It has options to just have a blurry background but I like it that way (black). I felt even more concentrated on writing my thoughts when I tried it. It looks very quiet and you would not be disturbed by the thought of checking other stuff while working on your composition. It has other nice features, check it out here. RoK