Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The comforts.

If I would cite a list of food that I could be contented to eat for the rest of my life, noodles would be on top of my list. 

I remember when I was in elementary whenever I would come home from school, I would request our house helper to buy noodles and cook it for me. From Lucky Me noodle soup, pancit canton to Nissin cup noodles. You could say I have quite enough MSG inside my body during those times. (heh) 

I figured today that noodles is my great good old comfort food. What I did connote it as, was just one of my favorite meals. But, more than that, I guess, it is my lifesaver, after all. 

I noticed, it would always come to my mind to eat one whenever I would like to feel full and a sure ball to make me feel ‘solved’ after a meal. The times I would not want to gamble on foods. Usually, these were the times I feel stressed after class in college, I would make it a habit to stop by the nearby Mall or convenience store from our house and buy something to eat. And it always ends up with noodles. I had a wider variety of noodles now though. :P I discovered a Korean noodles and liked it a lot (even it was too spicy). Then I got sick, my doctor advised me to stop for a while in eating spicy and salty foods, specially mentioned was the instant noodles I dearly love. And be in moderation from eating one after the medication. Ugh. But, no can do, I would still eat one, but of course, I now know my limitations now. 

What do I see here? A metaphor in life. Yes. Yes. 

Comfort food = Comfort zone. 

It’s not right to always just eat what you like. If you always trap yourself just within the cluster of food that you have grown used to eating, you would not be able to try other delicacies that could probably do you taste buds a favor. 

Just like in life, we could never outgrow the reasons why we cannot reach what we have been trying to reach in our lives. Also, just like what happened to me, I’ve had too much of noodles which was part of why I got sick. Too much of comforting could ruin you also. 

Maybe we have been doing something different but maybe it is still not enough, because you are still stuck within the railings of your ‘comfort zone’. 

I think that it would be a perfect combination if it would be something different plus free from the circles and limitations you put upon yourself. 

I, myself, believe is still not fully equipped from going out of my way and leave for a while these comforts I’ve been holding on to. But, I am on my way. 

Let’s do it together? Yeah? Let’s go! :)

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