Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's called, "making the most out of what you've got".

I watched a show and it got me craving for a French toast. Honestly, I have never tasted one before so I was really eager to make one myself. We don't have a stock at home of the ingredients the recipe of the toast is asking for. I don't want to use my savings yet (currently on the process of job hunting :P, I need  it you see) and I don't want to ask my mother for a budget because we are also currently in a tight budget, so I looked for alternatives to suffice my curiousity. ;)

I googled the recipe and I got this from Simply Recipes

We have eggs and slices of bread and the rest we don't. :P So what I did, I used a creamer instead of milk. While, I was making the toast, I thought it would be much healthier because I thought it would be lower in fat content but I thought wrong. :P I googled it again and I found out...

I have to remember that next time for the sake of my belly. :P And also, for the sake of whoever gets to read this post. :)

Then, for the cinnamon, I used brown sugar and dissolved it in 2 teaspoon of water then I used oil to fry it.

The result? I could say, it's a tie from being creamy and sweet, so it was just fine. But, I think it would really taste better if I used real milk and a better sweetener ingredient. :)

All in all, I was still happy I tried it (somehow a frustrated-wannabe-cook over here :P). And there would always be a next time to do things differently and better. 

The lesson is, you could always do something about the situation even if you think you got lesser than what you think is needed. There would always be a way out of everything.

One of my favorite quotes / idioms: "Making the most out of nothing." or "Making the most out of what you have"

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